Track DSP Search Box

It’s not strictly a bug, but the current behaviour feels unfinished. This has been bothering me for years but I never thought it big enough to report. It’s bugging me though, so can we call it a bug plz?

Reproducing it:

  • make sure the track DSP browser itself is unexpanded and the search box is empty
  • make sure all trees are expanded (via right clicks)
  • scroll down near to the bottom of the list and select any device
  • enter ‘a’ in the search box

The expected behaviour would be for the scrollbar to jump to the top of the list of devices.

Currently, the scroll position stays wherever it was previously - but since we’re now looking at a new list with fewer devices, we end up on some random unexpected plugin.

I encounter this when quickly reaching for native FX: when typing ‘delay’ I’ll often end up deep in a mire of VST delays and will have to use the mouse (or some tab and arrow key mashing) to scroll up to the native delay - kind of making the search not worth the effort.


Set Track DSP list’s scroll position to top after any keystroke in the search box

Nobody else finds this a bit busted? Probably one line of code, no?

e.g. If i type in delay, i get to see the native delay inside the visible scope because i don’t have much 3rd party delay plugins around
Delay is quite a generic term.
If it happens that the desired plugin always ends up on the bottom of the list, there would at least be somebody else being annoyed by a routine that always jumps back to the top of the list or in other words:Nobody may be satisfied with any particular solution in this regard.

If i need to have a specific plugin i either use the vendor name or complete the searchphrase as much as possible. If i need to look for a specific plugin too often:i add it to the favorites so that i can track it back (and don’t need to scroll back if i do use the search feature ).

yep, current way is irritating when having a lot of plugins.

I think you’re being contrary for the sake of it :P

To me, it just seems like a little unconsidered corner of the program that can be brought in-line with more standard UI behaviours with probably one line of code…

It’s been bothering you for years, but you didn’t mention it, and now you want it fixed at the last second? You pain in the arse :]

Anyway, yeah, it would make more sense if the list jumped to the first match when doing a search. We can certainly take a look at improving this.

Next time, just speak up a bit sooner if something’s bothering you, eh? :]

OK maybe I should’ve put it in general suggestions then eh? :P

I thought it was so minor a task it wouldn’t cause bother like this!