Track Dsps


i have about 70 VST effects installed. Select an effect from the Track DSP view in Track00 and renoise remembers this position for every Track in the Pattern. This is great but can very unsusefult sometimes, for example if you want to apply the same effect for every Track in a Pattern. By moving the cursor to the next track, the next DSP-List starts from the Top again.

Solution: A ‘remember last effect’ button next to the list, if it’s switched on, every track remembers the last plugin/position used from the DSP (as it is right now). If it’s switched off, the last used/selected Effect is marked for every Track you jump into.

unless you need different settings for each track, what about using Send Tracks or putting the effect on the Master Track?

I need individual effects on the tracks, for example a compressor or equalizer where i would’nt use a send track if they not ment to be shared.

Nah no need for a new button, it simply shouldn’t jump when you swith track.