Track Generator / Randomizer


This is way too cool to be left out of future Renoise versions.
The track generator by Angel Draganov -

Eventhough the HTML work he is doing is very sleek and nice, I wish I could generate a random track, based on these parameters (and maybe more) inside Renoise.

I was able to easily generate nice house sequences without a sweat.

It looks like it can be an item in the right click menu of a track / selection.
(I saw there is Randomize there, but it does not do anything for me)

Love it.

That’s a neat little thing! Maybe I’ll give it a try sometime, although if I ever need random then I make it myself…which means it isn’t random. I’ll bookmark it!

Yes, it is sweet.
If you know a thing or two about HTML / JavaScript you may notice that the code there is pretty awesome.

I am working on a little utility now that will generate nice tracks (or 16 row phrases) directly into renoise.
I will post when ready - hope within the next 24 hours.

The dev thread for those who don’t venture into the dev forums…

Props to subset.

I usually dont double post, but I remembered I promised to post here when it is (almost) ready.
See RPG - The Renoise Phrase Generator screenshot and demo loops I have posted.