Track Grouping And Minimizing, Hdd Streaming

When you have a track with many columns (ie a chord) it eventually gets bigger and humps lots of space on the screen. if you try to minimize it you’ll hear only the first column and the others get muted. I think an option to shrink/expand tracks would be very useful.

What do you think of a feature to group tracks? I think it would be pretty helpful, if I could have a group for drums, leads, strings, you get the picture.

The ability to change the color of a specific track, or atleast the color of the title. easy to implement and would make work with multi channels much easier.

Last thing, I think people least talk about that feature, hard drive streaming. when I work with lots of vocals, guitars and .wav renders of vst plugins my renoise file turns easily over 300. it takes time to open it and I’m always too afraid of the file getting corrupt while saving or opening it. it’s not overlooked. I really think it’s an important feature.

What do you think?

good ideas.