Track Management

Hey all,

I am fooling around with this thought for a while now and it starts to make sense. ;)

My suggestion is a new panel which includes all the track names in a compact list. If you mark a track name there, it gets marked/highlighted in the pattern view. (This would make it easier to find a certain track more quickly)
Moreover you have a little checkbox besides every name in the list, with which you can hide and reveal single tracks (for example if you want to work only on the tracks, that have something to do with drums)
You could also group tracks into named layers/folders, with which you could do the same things (mark and hide/reveal). The actions on the folder would result in the hiding/revealing or marking of all the tracks belonging to the folder.
When you hide a track, it doesn’t get muted. It just isn’t visible (or perhaps visible as a narrow line, meaning “here’s a track hidden! just in case you were looking for it”).

As I tend to use a lot of tracks in my songs, this would make the work on large songs way easier for me (and i guess i’d not be the only one)

I could make a mockup screenshot, but I guess you get the idea, as it is not very complicated.

Any ideas or suggestions? Any obvious obstacles I may have missed?

Colour coding of tracks on the pattern editor itself would be a simpler, more direct solution and has been suggested many times before.

I am with you so far that a large number of tracks gets confusing to sort though…

I know about the color coding discussion. I think it’s not the worst idea either, but I like mine better. :D
That’s why I started a new topic as there is a big difference between my suggestion and color coding.

sounds like this one. (click on the name to select the track)

… and yes to the folder idea & colouring tracks.

  • clicking on the actual NAME of the track in the track scopes and it transports you to the track!

and yes to colours indeed

OK… that’s actually pretty neat to quickly select a track… but you can’t hide or group tracks with this.

  • for this big time

Would be also neat if I could arrange tracks by dragging from scopes.

If by colour coding you mean grouping tracks, then why not. Being able to alternatively show just specified group of tracks is a very handy feature already present in Impulse Tracker. Back then I always had pattern editor divided in two different displays for working and reference. Big thumbs up.