Track Matrix Mappings Limited to 64 Sequences?

Loading IT Aliens Complex Life Forms song… i notice this when toggling the MIDI Mappings option:
Attachment 759 not found.

Some sequencer range and track block range are no longer mappable.

Is this because some kind of limit? (I mean:Can the limit be raised to 128 or 256 positions?)

I would say so, yes.

The sequence is mappable until the number 64…

Yes, we unfortunately have to set a limit “somewhere” here, so we’ve chosen 64 for tracks and sequences…

It would seem more logical to limit it to the existing number of sequences instead…?

To be honest, i think 64 blocks seems enough, unless someone can come up with a 128**128 monome.
But i guess someone having that, should apply for Bridge operator at the Startrek Voyager which is much more fun to do…