Track Razors

So now I have my Bliptronome working with Renoise, I started playing with the filter on my last track, I much preferred it with the tweaked bassline (sounds a lot less static) so I decided to re-upload it. I hope that doesn’t count as spam :f

Hmmm, either this track isn’t that popular (understandable), or I should have said that feedback (positive and negative) is welcome ? Maybe I overdid it with the filter tweaking? Also maybe there should be more bass response from the kick drum (isn’t too pronounced on my headphones, but comes through nice on my monitors, makes the mix sound a bit thin on my headphones?)

Your stuff really has a minimal punk electro vibe. Love your classic roland perc sounds and acid leads. I know have told you this before, but your stuff reminds me of “adult.” Dig this one for sure!!!

I do like minimal stuff, but the sounds that you chosen for this track are uninteresting in my opinion.

Awww thanks A.O.M.V, I appreciate that :)

Just checked out Adult on Youtube I can definitely relate to that :)/> I daydream about meeting an Alice Glass or Miss Kittin to collaborate with ^_^

It’s true if you’re going to be minimal then every little detail counts, I guess the samples aren’t very exotic, but I was trying to make a particular atmosphere. Maybe I’ll try another mix sometime with a fresh palette :)