track routing for drum kits

Hey guys,

First off I am super impressed and thrilled with all of the new features in 3. This is going to be sweet and I can’t wait for the final!

Is it possible to route a range of keys to play in separate tracks? I am playing a beat live via MIDI drum pad kick, hat and snare assigned to different notes in the sampler. I am playing all the parts together and would like to have the midi data bumped into separate tracks (e.g. track one-kick, track two-hat, track three-snare). I understand that the FX chaining in 3 allows to control the sound individually (which is very efficient) but I am hoping there is a way to send certain notes over (post processing is fine). E.g. is it possible to find all instances of single note in a track column, copy them and paste them into another track? I found the paste and replace tool but this doesnt seem to do what I need.

Thanks for any feedback and once again, kudos to the team and community. wooo!

That’s exactly why I made this tool:

There is also a discussion going on right now about routing different FX chains in the new instruments to different tracks. So we might get this as well in the final version: [done 3.1] Instruments with FX are tied to one track?

Thanks! This is great. I hope the suggestions make it through to native 3.0