Track Scopes Idea

OK, this has been mentioned before, I am sure, but I have an idea…


When you have LOADS of tracks (My songs have easily over 40 tracks every time), the Track Scopes resize themselves smaller.

This make it very hard to see if there is any activity in the track, when you are trying to pinpoint a sound etc. (Blah Blah L33t I am the best tracker eva, dont need this STOP)

So how about…


Have an option to switch between the normal view and a pulse view. The pulse view would not give waveform info like the standard view. Rather, it would just be a pulse of white to indicate activity on a track. This would be SO helpful when scanning through a song to find sounds you made ages ago (this is especially important when you re-open an .xrns after a few months away from it, and can’t remember anything about the track)

So, a simple option would be amazing


I cant be the only person that has this problem!

You are not the only one with that problem.
Before the mixer was introduced it was even a bigger issue.
Several ppl did suggest to be able to change the the scopes to level meters.

I remember also mention combined views with vol/pan control etc in this thread (remember this was before the mixer…).

To me it still make sense to be able to change to level meters in the track scopes.

Yeah I really really need a feature like this.

I waste hours of time searching for things when I have loads of tracks going

as some effects on tracks can produce audio due to certain feedback loops even after there is “something going on”, perhaps an option like “automute all empty tracks in pattern” would help? (like in the context menu or something)

(note that this is pattern specific, ie doesn’t apply to the whole song)

edit: spelling…

Yeah that would be nice.

An option to delete unused tracks would rule too. There is an option to delete unreferenced instruments and an option to delete unused patterns, so why is there no option to delete unused tracks in a song.

That would make things much easier.

And a general song cleanup option will be born… B)

  • Clear unused instruments
    (instruments not used)
  • Clear unused patterns
    (patterns that contain absolutely no data)
  • Clear entries that do not effect the sound (i.e. a volume change that is not audible).
    (things that never “play” because there is no logic sound data)
  • Render big cpu hogs to wave and replace the pattern data with a single note.
    (big vsti blocks that will be rendered to wave and played by the correct single note)
    (maybe same for vst-effects)
  • Make seperate tracks of seperate instruments used, and an option to combine them again.
    (like a join selection to pattern, and options to split to track by: instrument number…, volume? panning?)

etc. ;)

There is an option to delete muted tracks in a song at least to clear them.

Yeah, and there are allready a lot of advanced editing options to perform multipattern operations.
You’ll find it to the most right in the pattern editor, called “Advanced edit”.

There already is…

Yeah all good.

Still need the “Delete Unused Tracks” option though!