Track strips with independent speeds and lengths

Thought of a great idea that maybe have been discussed possibly. Correct me if my wrong.
What if each track was able to have its own length and BPM. Basically separate clips for each track/channel. Not one large clip that determines every clip’s length. Also you could setup different speeds for these clips instead of just having one global BPM. The visual for this would be each clip having its own independent white bar going down their row. Not just one giant bar or page moving, but different pattern/clip scrollings that are independent of each other.

This could open possibilities to interesting polyrhythms or just different ways of arranging and writing patterns without having to be limited to a global BPM or Renoise’s current clip properties of all clips in the same row sharing one length and speed.

The only way I see implementing this idea currently would be to create a large clip with different instruments triggering at different repetitions. Ex. One instrument is playing half notes. Another instrument is playing 16th triplets but its phrase is 3/4 of the first instrument and when the clip comes to an end both phrases have been timed to end at exactly the same time during their repeated durations in one large clip. The only problem with this would be the current clip size limit. Different phrase lengths may never sync starting times together after multitudes of repetitions. This is very cumbersome as well.

This probably sounds convoluted.

Like I said, not sure if someone has already talked about this. I haven’t put a whole lot of thought into this yet but wanted to get the idea out while it was fresh in my head.

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You can use the delay column to create triplets and other fractional poly-rhythm sizes.
A tool to divide these proportions to the current pattern size that you can fool around with (or at least that makes your life easier on this matter):

Yea, not really what I’m looking for. Something neat to mess with. I still think though that each column track in the pattern editor having it’s own pattern lengths, time divisions, and speeds would be an interesting feature. It would really let you be more precise in what you are trying to accomplish. The screen would look somewhat like a slot machine.

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I think this is an interesting idea

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Here’s a topic from March 2012 that might be of interest to you, as it somewhat applies to your description above:


Basically if we could load up tabbed projects containing clips/songs, all of them being routed to a main output and master section, things could also be configured in a way so that each tabbed project had their own “pattern arranger” independent of each other, including tempo changes, pattern lengths, etc.

Also see the initial topic back in 2011 on running multiple Renoise instances together (tabbed/multiple songs, Rewire-like Renoise protocol, or in a new third arranger wrapper): http://forum.renoise…oises-renoises/

The Tabbed idea is not bad. The only problem I see with it is the workflow aspect. I wouldn’t like the fact that I would have to switch to another tab to view what was going on in that one. Unless you are able to view all tabs simultaneously with the only limitation being screen real estate.

The other idea of using different instances of Renoises I’m not that fond of. It’s kind of a hassle to load multiple instances of programs. Workflow would suffer in the process as well as memory and CPU.

Here’s some screenshots of what it could look like. Each Track would have an independent length. Take it a step further and have an option to change each track’s own BPM.




For now the closest workaround I found is the Phrase Editor, which already posses the ability to have independent length and LPB, and you can see it playing it’s own game clearly if you detach the instrument window, it’s just the matter of getting used to managing phrases and triggering them in the pattern editor.

As of independent BPM, it’s not that hard if it’s possible to use non-integral LPB in phrases, then we just need a LUA calculator to convert between.

Bump for this thread for sure! It’s a great idea!

I posted visualizations for a pretty similar idea here:

I don’t think lengths for each track should vary… it would be a visual communication nightmare and require a major change to how Renoise currently functions. What I propose in the link above is a new system for arrangement and composition. It is verrrry similar to the ‘song tab’ idea, except I think it’s not as hodge podge (I think just mashing entire song’s together is inelegant). In short, the post above outlines a system for higher level tracks called “layers”. Layer’s contain a series of patterns + tracks, just as we know them. Operating in a new layer offers the opportunity to create a new series of patterns/tracks (with lengths and effects separate from other layers) which can be arranged to run alongside sequences from other layers in the arranger/composer view. All samples would pull from the same sample pool, so not much else in the program would need to change. I also don’t think the bpm should differ between layers, but that is certainly debate worthy.

I’ve been working more on visualizations for this proposition… will post an update soon.

Hey ,for now just a lane command would be good , for development, , put last step command on the individual edited lane . The visual aspect would be what is seen. Rather than heard.

At the moment, you will have to use redux plugin or better renoise phrases, and set that to the pattern length you want and a Y command or GF. Not perfect but still brings new ideas …

The rs7000 can do this btw. Time sig , step length per track .

What’s being asked for here is basically having a separate pattern for each track (with bpm per track) .
In a way this is a feature which Jeskola Buzz has and it is really great. I too miss that in Renoise.
However, using Phrases and their separate LPB can yield similar creative posibilities.

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