Tracked Instruments

Maybe this topic has already been covered, so feel free to throw it away in that case.

In some of the real oldschool trackers there was the feature of tracked instruments. Instead of every main instrument just referring to sample+envelope, an instrument could refer to a small tracked sequence. I think this feature would be very useful in renoise, and can in some cases vastly cut the amount of track editing compared to the current standard.

You can consider this having almost the same function as “render selection to sample”, but always being fixed to the tempo regardless of “pitch”.

As a suggestion every tracked instrument could have the ability to use eight sub-channels - i think that would be enough in most cases.

Possible uses in real life:

Chords and arpeggios
No need to track every note/data in a chord or arpeggio any more, once you have set up an instrument for every chord. Setting up a major chord/arpeggio as an instrument is enough for all major chords, since its speed doesn’t change with the pitch like a sample does.

Have an instrument assigned to a tracked beat instead of using “render selection to sample”. Pitch and tempo is independent.

Track your leads echoes and other effects one time only. (one tip is to use a very slightly pitched down and chorused+trebled sound for the echo).

Imagine the difference to retracking everything if you need to change something…

Anyone getting me?

Dear Son, the cavalry is underway as we speak :D