Tracked-out-drill & Bass

…a combo of programs -> aodix , for tracking vst-i synths , madtracker for creating the beats , wavelab to mangle the wavs in & cubase for finalisation/mastering.

ok, so no use of renoise yet, since I’ve just dl-ed the demo a few days ago .but I surely will use it since its aodix+madtracker x 19374396439 + much more I could ever dream of in a tracker.

check out my “year 3000” remix , original by OD here:


liked your song… especially the bass and the lush quality of the mix…
also, loved the incorporation of the Bruce Lee sample… heh… is that one from the documentary?
but, at times you’re a bit chaotic on the drums… using the same percs in different octaves sounds a bit… hmm, well… i’d use a multisample instead.
nontheless, like where you’re going with this…


cheers for listening Andy:Ray! :slight_smile: tho you checked out my telefon tel aviv remix instead of the ‘od’ one :wink: .yep bruce lee samples…they’re taken from his last movie .whats it named? err.damn…enter the dragon I think? whatever…it was sampled of an old tape cassette.


Kind of funky stuff… experimental in the beginning. Nice sounds used; bass sounds nice. Brilliant drums; great efx. Though very minimal setup of sounds, a thick wall is built (I guess coz of the deep bass and sweeping, warm synth). The only thing I miss i a thread in an arrangement and the ending is too abrupt. Else very good work. :)

cheers Cie ! I love you :slight_smile: