Tracker And Linux N00B Saying Hello

Just got my licence last night so thought I’d pop in and say hello.

Not really used a tracker before playing with the demo but thought it would be fun when I’m logged into my Linux / Ubuntu computer.

I’m not much of a musician and haven’t been doing much on it recently so hopefully this will allow me to focus on making bleeps and noises rather than what new plugin to buy :) Saying that, any suggestions for Linux essentials or why Zynaddsub doesn’t seem to work as a VST would be much appreciated.

And cheers in advance for any help I need, lol.


And welcome to Renoise!

There are VST zynaddsubfx’s around, but the original was writtin as a standalone application (written for linux…) It’s a superb sounding synth, and can be used with renoise either by making sample instruments or by sequencing it via JACK. There’s a fork project called Yoshimi which has a slightly better user interface and better JACK compatibility. I do believe there is a zynaddsubfx VST for linux, but there’s no UI for it. It just plays sounds saved from the standalone version.

Other linux essentials? Well… there’s plenty to go around, it’s not just about VST plugins - which can be annoying if you want to do everything in one program using plugins. Some say that linux is the DAW and anything that connects to the JACK audio server is a plugin. If you haven’t come across JACK before, it’s worth reading up.

Try also loomer and linuxvst for commercial plugins. DiscoDSP Discovery is still available too, and pianoteq do a good er… piano. More free/open source stuff try Hydrogen, Fluidsynth, Phasex, QTractor, Ardour, Supercollider, Pd… like I said there’s plenty out there!

Is there anything specific you want to discuss? What sort of music are you into? There’s plenty of linux fans here :slight_smile:

Thats helpful about Yoshimi and Zynaddsyn. I was wondering why it wouldn’t display anything, lol. I have JACK set up already, but have to admit to being a bit confused by the Session functions (I’ve got qtjackctr set up at the moment) and LASISH - I’ve tried things like gladish and claudia etc without much joy (they keep failing in such a way that I have to completely reboot to get jack functioning again, and keep refusing to save settings).

I think the one things I’d like but can’t find is a straight drum machine, but there are a couple of synths I can use, and if I got my drum samples a bit more organised I’d be able to make more use of them!

At the moment, I mainly make random bleeps and loops that could turn into techno-ish type stuff if I got past the loop stage so I’d tried renoise to try and respark some motivation. fingers crossed . What sort of music do you make? At some point I’ll be checking out links to other users music to see the posibilities of Renoise.