Tracker channel by person Protracker 3x design is based on


I am doing some chans on on youtube:

Also known as Bitmagic. The Protracker 3x series design was actually based on this module!

I also went on to do trance also, while still doing the configuration and consultancy work I did before on that chan.

Bit Trance, on this chan:

Where we promote tracking as a good alternative and style factor for good music. (KvR and regular sequencer never amounted to much did it)

We have also suggested polyphase interpolation for renoise, and horizontal view, and also promote 4 submix + mastering for original style sound.

Serene Greetings.

WTF is about. Now I’m drunk, but don’t understand, maybe I need do some drugs?

I think it’s some AI thing doing spam marketing, actually. Not sure though. Scary times.

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You´re from KvR? 20 years with no results, no fame, Ben in summary, got electroshock, and he killed himself.

You´re from pouet and like C64 intros? That is pretty lame, dude.

Some guy from pouet mimicks Eon too. basically a group of fags who thought Eon would mke ugly guys look pretty.

Sven DĂĄrflot, Eon:

Basically made intros with low size modules (ignoring bigger size modules): Early intro, I am so ugly. Joins Eon because maybe he is not ugly. Nick Fallos covers ugly.

Black Lotus pretends to be Eon:

Here is Sven and Heidi “Cinderella” early scene queen. Or so Viper founder of group said. Girl is so stupid she calls people nerd when sceners visit.

Hoffman TBL pretends to be Bit / Eon, with pouet people failure to update that I joined Magic 12, looong ago. Both pouet symbol is this, and Sven.

I am already looking thoughtful in “Introducing Eon”, thinking about joining M12 instead, which happens just later. Which was 1992. Failure to understand seems to plauge pouet.

Svens intros are not much interesting, and after people in Eon turned 18, (I was not in then) they started drinking instead. And did nothing of scene. Guy didn´t even know Hornet in its time, or download from it.

Basically TBL was inferior already then, better music was made than their 320x240 Jizz lossy nyquist demos, and here we clearly see a very strange connection.

Viper groupfounder played DJ on local club. I came suntanned “HELLO my friend!”. Later I came in winter, untanned “No I don´t know this person”. Basically again, he likes pretty people.

I have nothing to do with Eon. Pouets failure to reckognize or similar people.

Introducing Eon 1992 :
Me on right, looking thoughtful. Sven basically added a dude upside down, to cover it.

Viper shows peace sign, in odd style. Sven tries to choke him or what is it. Next to Sven, the thinnest guy ever, with the ugliest teeth: Mr. Nobody “Who basically thinks he could do an intro. He has some code lying around”. But it never happened. Dude basically at one point went into how 512K Cache is better than 256K Cache, trying to defeat Celeron II overclocking in its time, when everybody said how much more for the money you got with o/c celetron (333 to 494 hz or so, which did not work with 512K Cache more expensive version).

Basically I had to build a PC with Cel2 for his friend, who enjoyed Mario in Emu on it. Which basically was me saying the final goodbye to these people, in 99.

Well, that escalated quickly.

Bit later basically was protracker 3x design, bitfellas, maybe even Billie Eilish now.

So this dude should go back to KvR. Symbol cover over all that, very annoying people.

Scen Eon is now dead. It is he who kept up claiming I was Eon, still do on this last production, in 2016.
Basically Eon made him pretty, and it seems to be a provokation to get an O/D, which he died of.

He was always this, and already at 15 he would visit me, and I was Xen, and he wouls say “He doesn´t believe in a clean mind” while I was sitting at the eating table!

non R.I.P.

Serene Greetings