Tracker Events?

I was just wondering if there are any tracker events or gatherings for trackers, the same as there is for Gamers (LAN’s), and Coders (Demo parties)?? Would be fun to attend, or create one for the European scene since that’s where i live…

I don’t know if there is any of those out there but it would be really fun. A weekend event, Tracking, performing workshops, Competitions, idea sharing, and some casual partying as well… etc etc. I’ve work at an event company before so i have the contacts and the knowledge how to get one started, but that would be in Sweden then.

If anyone is interested in getting something like this started or have any information about if there is any plz don’t hesitate to contact me. Add me to MSN or send me an email. tunepunk(at)

(( Hopefully it could be an annual event, and if there’s any interest for this I’ll start looking for locations and sponsors right away…))

/ Ricard (tunepunk)

That’s what I mean. Tracker artists attending =) I don’t really think it would suit the demo scene anymore, and as there is Many other tracker programs out there, not only renoise users, there are probably a good ammount of people in europe using trackers in their music productions…

As the trackers have evolved to quite advanced software nowadays it wouldn’t be just for “talking about good old times”. It would be a marketing event as well with tracker software in focus, to let people out there know that there are high quality options out there, other than Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools, Reason, or whatever else people use.

With some effort put into it you could probably get a good amount of media coverage of such an event. FM/Web Radio sending live from there. Journalists from various music magazines could get invited to try out tracker software and talk with tracker artists. And if you’re really lucky even TV.

Competitions/prices could be something like.
Best - Least kb song.
Best - least tracks song.
Best - Song (overall)
Best - ‘Whatever tracker software you’re using’-song
Best - This and that genre …

Most likely something like this would have to be held in a 2 seperate rooms, one quite area for working people, and one area for Playing or performing songs for the audience. Hopefulle some performing artists who use trackers, and or their producers are using them could be invited for a gig.

I dont know if my estimate is right, but you could probably get at least 200 tracker or previous tracker users attending at such an event in Europe if the Location was right. And believe me other guests would be coming as well since it’s also open for the public with a general interest in music who want’s to know more about these kind of software. They can interact and see users working, ask questions etc etc… and last but not least, they will come there for the party. There are probably tracker users that make awesome Dance tracks, so a dancefloor and a stage and a bar at the place is a must, for some nice partying in the late evenings.

As a renoise user myself i defenatly see a market for this. Renoise fills all my needs (along with the VST effects and synths i use) and as an established producer no-one ever questioned why i use renoise…? It sounds just as good as any other software. You can make top quality songs and productions with tracker software. It’s just a software that had to crawl back a bit since no-one ever bothered to develop it further, (except for the old school geeks who just couldn’t let it go) Hopefully it could trigger a new “era” of tracking if it got some more time in the spotlight.

It’s fairly easy to use and learn, It has all the tools to get started, and you can actually record in it at high quality, and use your favorite VST synths in it. I think all this needs to come to life, is some devoted souls marketing such an event on forums online, and finding / sending mails to sponsors, web radio stations, etc etc. .

No one more than me have any faith in that this could actually happen?

i anticipate evoke will have the greatest amount of trackers, and especially avowed renoisers, assembled at one place this year.
and by talking about “greatest” amount i am talking about “close to double-digit numbers”.
the single “trackers-only” event i know of has to be the #trax reunion party which was held ages ago and had a few dozen of attenders.

i don’t think anything like that would work nowadays anymore, because people are scattered across the whole globe and most don’t feel the urge to get their ass up and moving.
besides that trackers are known to be the most serious broke-ass-ni#*!rs on the entire worldwideweb. ;)