Tracker files for early Final Fantasy Music

I’m wondering if anybody here knows, or has, tracker files that are re-creations of the 16-bit SNES/Super Famicom series of Final Fantasy games.

I’ve always been intrigued at how music for those games was made by Nobuo Ueumatsu and would like to see some examples inside Renoise.

Maybe this is a far cry to get something like this, with the sample set and tracking for it but I thought I would ask :)


I suggest either visiting places like the ocremix forums or places with MIDI covers or similar, or try to learn the tunes by ear yourself- while it is possible to disassemble the code that plays the music, it isn’t necessarily indicative of how it was composed and programmed.

This, it wouldn’t necessarily be more beneficial to you than simply looking at a MIDI or transcribing it yourself

That being said, I do know of a few remakes

SNES music was all sample based. Here’s some resources to get you started. Firstly, here are some SNES soundfonts and samples ripped straight from the games:

They soundfonts will work in pretty much any old soundfont player VST which you can load into renoise.

Here are some midi files that people have meticulously reconstructed from listening to the music themselves. Some of them are pretty darn impressive.

You could theoretically open a midi file in Renoise and slowly replace the instruments with ones from the soundfonts.

Additionally there are programs that convert IT and MOD to smc which would be the authentic format for SNES music. You can download SMC format rips of SNES sountracks from:

Just find a game and look for the chip icon on the side. They also offer up a winamp plugin that can play these files.

The programs that convert IT and MOD to smc are harder to find. Every time I look it takes me a while to find. I’ll get back to you if I find a working link. Or if I can’t and you really want it I might can upload one.

In order to load SF2 files into REnoise, you can also use this tool