Tracker Irc Chat Rooms

is there any others, other then the one on
or maybe some general soundtracking related rooms anywhere?
ive noticed out of the music i listen to
the only genre with which is kind of a cachophony is the breakcore rooms seem to know and use trackers
the IDM ppl seem to uptight about the fact that they arent using very innovative software (unless of course its renoise Ü )
i was just wondering

I take the risk of apearing ignorant but what is IDM people?

Intelligent Dance Music.
Basically stiff that’s way too technical to actually dance to, but good to listen to and try to figure out how the f*ck they did it. Aphex Twin comes to mind…
Of course, I may be slightly off with my definition…


I’m quite sure efnet has its #trax channel.

We also have a good number of idling renoisers at ircnet’s #renoise :)

choice, what kind of stuff do you do?

if yer into the idm/breakcore stuff, I can point you to some good places.

im into IDM etc. pro-xy.
you have some irc channels for that? :)


im into just about everything that has alot of micro edits and speed
i primarily make heavy breakbeat ragga jungle style mashup
but i also like to fool around with other stuff
and then i use the win32 ver. of supercollider for some real messed up breakcorish mess, until i figure out how to compile a kernel with the latest alsa source thats about all i can do with it yet.

“win32 ver. of supercollider”

there’s a win32 version of supercollider!!!

where is this shit?

if you have IM, my s/n is jkh908123jnknot

don’t really know IRC channels - just messageboards, real life places and stuff.

here i put a bunch of links at the bottom

whoops i posted my true identity

heres the link

awesome, I grabbed it.

You have a true identity!

Have you released anything, then?

Could find the supercollider site, yet couldn’t find the win32 edition.
It looks like some sort of C-sound engine to me…:
Ewps, this site is so outdated that most links don’t work anymore.

I found a VST version of CSound:…p/SuperCollider