TRACKERCORPS VOL. 2 - a tracker music V/A Compilation (Open Call)

Hello, everyone!

We are happy to announce that submissions for TRACKERCORPS VOL. 2: Go Acid are now OPEN!

TRACKERCORPS is a multi-artist music compilation that aims to celebrate the foundation of computer-made and homebrew electronic music: trackers!

The first edition was released in July 2023, with 15 tracks made exclusively in trackers and infused with breakbeats:

In Vol. 2 we’ll be celebrating the good ol’ 303 sounds - whether they’re made in an actual Roland TB-303 or not. So crank the resonance up in your LPFs and Go Acid, nerds!

Read all the rules HERE before submitting your stuff. It only takes 5-10 minutes.

Deadline: 1/January/2024
Results: TBD (depends on the number of submissions)
Release: 3/March/2024 (aka ‘303 Day’)

Genre suggestions:
Breakcore, IDM, Electro, Acid. Preferably ‘high’ BPM. Exceptions allowed.

Bonus points if you use a tracker.

Everything you need to know:

Link for submissions:

Have fun!

Track ID from the announcement:
Phosphoros - a/b
(from TRACKERCORPS Vol. 1)


YAY, les go!


Should be fun!


By the way, I highly recommend anyone interested in this to also join our Discord server. We have some resources on tracker music (specially Renoise) and love discussing different tips and tricks.

Come chill and make some noise with us:


Yeah, I’m joining. Ordered myself a TD-3-MO a couple of days ago, before this announcement. So I’m gonna break it in with this compilation. Quite possibly in collaboration with Mirtazapine Dream.


This is excellent news! Great timing, haha. So far, you’re the second person who’s grabbing a new 303 clone and will be using it for the comp :wink:


Very cool! Hopefully I can get something together for this. The deadline is a generous amount of time away so it’ll just be up to my own motivation, haha!


The deadline is generous but… time flies, doesn’t it!?

Only ~5 more weeks until January!

Submissions are starting to arrive at our inbox, and we hope they don’t stop so soon :blush:



count on three from me

How are you guys checking if a track was made in a tracker? Is it just by faith? I’m curious.

There’s an option in the submission form to declare what tracker you used. We’ll contact the selected artists if necessary to clear up things.

In Volume 1 we asked everyone to record screen captures, but it’s mostly based on trust haha. The idea was to make a video for the release, using all the screencaps, but it wasn’t possible due to the lack of time and helping (editing) hands.

Some people are very transparent about using trackers, so it’s easy to tell. Some people, on the other hand, are very ‘reserved’ (side note: don’t mind me talking about trackers like they were drugs).

We would be happy to see you again in Volume 2! Lesgo!

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I’m having trouble sending a track through the google forms, it keeps hanging during upload, is your drive full? I’ll try a few times more and if all fails will try the email adress and send a link.

Hey there, good morning!

The drive has about 15gb free space. Are you using AdBlock or cookie manager/tracking blocker? Google behaves in a weird way when these are enabled. I suggest using a private tab (no extensions enabled) in Edge (if on Windows).

If all fails, send to

Ps: glad to have your submission!

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I’ve send a mail to your gmail account yesterday, uploaded to mediafire. Check that the mail isn’t in the spam folder :slight_smile: .

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Hey! Got your submission. Gonna download from MediaFire and upload to our Google Drive folder.

Also, since there’s still one month left for submissions, feel free to make any changes to your track until then, if needed.



Great oldschool/english and really Sami Jungle, that may be the ultimate development. (Try It, and really Ehn that matters in Kautokeino.)

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