Trackers Are Evil!

according to “research” based on link checker, renoise web site is 70% evil and 30% good :)

however, i found out that all of the popular trackers are evil as well :)

i.e. skale: 83% evil (heheh, gotcha :)
madtracker is only 55% evil on the other hand. must be because it uses frames on website B)

but also according to same source, is ultimately good (99%…

now… believe what you want!

my personal oppinion is that some people just got too many free time on their hands…

i have a sneaky feeling it’s just a random number generator.

I typed in my name in the textarea, and i am:
99% evil, 1% good
Beat that you freaky angels… :yeah:

Ha! I put in my name and I’m 1% Evil, 99% Good.


Funny, my real name (Kristian Sagosen) is 50/50!! Maybe my family’s evil, and I’m the white sheep? Humm… Same was it with God & Satan. Must be something there…

my handle tho, the khin, was 99% good! Must be something!! :D

Mahatma Gandhi 99% evil :blink:

Mmh… Adolf Hitler 99% good… :o

George Walker Bush 1% evil… <_<

That’s somehow surprising :P

My site is 99% good and 1% evil :rolleyes:

and uh, my name (Benedict Loh) is:

1% evil, 99% good

that 1% must be because i registered renoise at v1.27 … is
50% evil, 50% good

…damn, somebody said some time ago my page is so bad coded and designed that there were evil forces on the work.

meh :P