Tracks From Ukraine

This is some soul turbulence .
I’ve been tracking for a long time in my spare time, but never actually posted. Here’s some tunes.

Already in “tips’n’tricks”, but since I’m quite new to this community , …

i think you’ll like it. Cheers, lads.

I dont know if im doing anything wrong here but I cant play any of the songs :( I tried with both “Winamp” and “VLC media player”.

me 2 :(

I can’t read them either. It’s possible you might have uploaded them in ascii mode, 0l3ks4?

Ohh, blast. This is crooked. Sorry lads, I’ma work this out in a minute. :blink:

The inconvenience has been dealt with. Tunes are RARed and working now.

Enjoy. I’m positive you’re going to like’em! :rolleyes:

There’s another place I put’em also:

You werent kidding :) This is great stuff. Meridian sputnik
is a damn classic from Ukraine!! On my playlist anyday.

Other two are well executed and thought out, kinda “cinematic” tunes.
It seems you have tracked for long time but joined forum 2 days ago, how come this?

It’s just that I discovered Renoise quite recently. I’ve been trackin for a long time in IT, then Buzz (those tracks are done there) but I’ve been longing for the lovable tracker interface and here - hopla - Renoise jumps at me!
But I still have problems ordering it. Ukrainian emails are rejected by e-shop. I’m looking for a way around this now.

Actually I’m a school teacher, and Meridian Sputnik was written among a lot of other stuff for our small theater sketch about Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence team. :D

Welcome to this pleasant land, countryman ;)
More Ukrainian trackers here is :yeah: :guitar:

Is it possible you was connected with oldschool Ukrainian ZX80 scene comunity ?
Maybe this names saying something 2 u: Silicon Brains Group, Mad Max (that was me 4 a long time ago); Kiev sceners: Rob F, Dreamer, Jungarik, Surgeon, Alex Job. Or Kharkov scenerz: Max Ivamoto, RST7 ? Or Byelorussia / Poland scenerz and megademomakers ?

BTW: your trax in download list already. My comments ondaway

2 ceejay: Total cheerz, dude! :drummer:

ZX80 was a whole ERA for me. It made my world.
Didn’t actually take part in the scene in those times (mostly was GAMIN’ every minute free from boring lessons, … gamin’ is the word, man!) By the time 386IT was around i started tracking at my best pal’s PC which we used for hours and days of frenzy adventure-gaming (i only had a Z80 at home).

Most of the time i tracked at night on ScreamTracker (later FT2 and IT), screwing my braincells and lifting my spirit beyond the clouds.
Being a music fan from day 1, i tasted the awesome pleasures of tracking and it saves my day every other day. Did some cassette releases in Ukraine. Several tunes on CD compos.

And yes, i remember some of the names you mentioned. There were modules downloaded by hundreds (for sample-ripping purposes). I still listen to some of them now.

I often wondered, why is it that tracked music has sometimes so much more soul to it than some “pro” stuff, if it’s done so simply?
I tried doing (and actually done some rmx stuff in cubase, but euchhhhh…

RIght now i’m in a sort of transition stage. Between the total chaos of buzz (where some stuff is still being polished) and the familiar keyboard groove and, you know, the “screen-soul” of RN. I’ve been daydreamin about a tracker like this for years!

Yeah man! I totally agree about soul of tracked music of old days.
With more complex sounds and instruments, soul of music degrading somehow :(
We start thinking more ‘in sound (texture, timbres, fx, mixing, etc+etc+etc)’ and less ‘in melody’n’fantasy’

Only thing helping me (and saving!) - marvellous Renoise!
Back to old tracking days techniks - and the tracking spirit appearing instantly!

So long live to our savior - RENOISE and hi’s superb community :yeah:

I’ve checked your trax man! Cool! ;)
Sputnik is the best! It’s just a hit. Can you upload vocal and percussion samples 4 me to make benassi-like-klubbish-style 130 BPM remix ? :D

Iron horse is very nice 2 ! IDM-ish quirks and breaks + music from those cartoon (about oldman fisher & boy?) - funky shit man!

Listening to Meridian Sputnik now…

sounds cool…vocoder used?

sounds like youre somewhat influenced by eh…
sigue sigue sputnik and ladytron , correct?

sounds nice

2 ceejay: percussion samples in sputnik make sense only rendered together with bassline because of sidechain compressor.
Vocals and the rest - no problem.

Vocals vocoded thru 3 Steinberg Voicemachine generators to make 3-voice chords using just 1 actual vocal (sang by me, hu-huh.)

Actually there are much more vocoded vocals which were used in the school play (before the song starts). It’s like there was a “space mission” team of kids listening to signals from space and trying to figure out some intelligence. There are some strange noises (from space and from kids too) until some “alien voices” try to talk to them (my vocoded stuff). They go like “Is this planet Urth? U make so much noise! We have a message for the people of your planet etc etc”. And then it’s like those aliens are “singing” through our guys.

I didn’t take this tune seriously because it’s so simple it made me laugh. I was listening to some benassi and learned a sidechain compression thing, just played with it a little and that’s all. And the next day we did a “space station” game with 6 grade kids and came up with silly words (which you hear in the song :)
You know, the strange thing is sputnik took about 2 hours of actual writing (and a visit to my friend’s studio with a decent mike and a tea). The rest was just booming my neighbours’ walls and roaming around the room until 3am.

I’m glad you like the stuff. I’ll try to render some more stuff from my file forest on weekends and post it also.
In fact i’ve got a lot of “kid stuff”. I mean, children songs with a bit of eccentric touch. For instance, a russian new year song made in monkey island-ish carribean reggae (ceejay should know it for sure).

Gosh, why am i talking so much?
oh, yeah, because i just came from work. sorry lads. B)

COOOL STUFF! Me really likes!

You seam to be a very good teacher and tracker musician!
One of the best teachers I ever had was a music teacher, he tought us how music was built when I was around 12, that made me start using trackers…

Damn! :)

I’m Speechless. All of them took my breath away.



Workin’ a teacher is a noble mission! My highest respect and regards.
And workin’ with kids is probably great fun, and inspiring job.

BTW: Which city are you from ? I’m from Nikolayev if ya wanna know :P
(near the coast of BlackSea… And the summer coming!)

Thanks for your warm feedback, lads!

YESTERDAY I FINALLY MANAGED TO PURCHASE RENOISE!!! WHOOP!! My DJ friend helped me with payment procedure.

I’ll soon be able to render what i’ve twiddled so far. THE DAWN OF A NEW ERA for me!

2 ceejay: i’m from Kiev. i was once in Nikolaev for a month, working as an interpreter. it was a mysterious time for me (literally) and so the city remains in my memory as a wonderful mystical city with somewhat marine ambience. Cool!

Also thanks for your words on teaching.
For me it’s nearly impossible to look at my job as a “mission” bcause it makes me realize each day how little do i know about anything, actually. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s teaching whom. So, if you ask me i’m WAY far from being a good teacher. It just keeps one away from stagnation ;)
From my school years i remember that a good teacher is always a hopeless romantic (in a good way). That’s where tracking comes in! :D

I’ll be gladly posting a couple of other tracks this weekend. And vocal stuff for ceejay rmx.


Some updates here. “Ghost Cowboys” now feature voice talent and better mixing.
There’s a reggae tune also.


Yeah but you composed it with buzz… not with renoise. ;)