Tracks inherit instrument slot names

Title says it all… Is there an existing tool that lets tracks inherit instrument slot names?

This would obviously make it easier to use a dedicated track per sound workflow as most effect chains are usually dedicated to a specific sound.
Sometimes is a mission to remember which track is for what sound as i’m sure some could appreciate.

Can anyone provide any relief on this subject? :D


This tool I wrote doesn`t change the track names but is a different form of autocapture. This means that whenever you change tracks the instrument selected will always be the first instrument written to that track. The current renoise capture works only for the current pattern. There is more explaination/ picture on the tools page. Maybe it will help:


Also, it would be very easy to create a script/tool that renames tracks to their instrument’s name on a keypress. Keeping it ‘automatically’ aligned is less useful in my eyes because usually when you start out a song you don’t have all the right instruments/samples loaded let alone have them on tracks.

This tool would be useful but only if it renames tracks that haven’t already been renamed.

May I also recommend my tool that works the other way around. When you change instrument, it will transport you to the track where it is being used.

Thanks guys! These things have helped a lot. I guess the renaming thing isn’t too important as these tools automatically show the associated track anyway and my main thing was to try and find a way to prevent confusion whilst writing samples/instruments to particular tracks. I think a renaming feature as an extra option to these tools would further enhance the usability too :) Thanks again.