Trading With Madtracker Users

Are we allowed to trade our registered renoise copies in exchange for the latest madtracker full version? Don’t get me wrong, I’d never stray from renoise, I just want to see what all this madtracker hoopla is about.

the license is strictly personal, so you can’t legally do something like this.

Also, since your registered copy holds your name, you are literally giving away your identity to another potentially malicious user.

If you want to try out MadTracker, just download a demo copy of it: as for ReNoise, the limitations for the unregistered version are really a few.

at least now we know why voting results turend out the way they did :w00t:

The whole “demo”-thing of MadTracker and Renoise are a whole different issue than 30 day evaluation, as the limitations… er… limit themselves to rendering out music. Getting to know MadTracker is about using it to make music, not rendering it out. There you have it; The Hoopla. Now go try it out, Robotrobot! :)