Training And Experience Can Affect Brain Organization, Research Shows

i love psychological research like this. i hope they do the future research about differences between different types of musicians. it makes you wonder if you could train your brain to work a specific way by practicing

Of course you can ;) … people train their brains all the time. In fact, often the only thing preventing people from accomplishing physical tasks like becoming ambidextrous is the lack of proper neural connections. Training your brain and creating new kinds of neural connections is possibly the best thing you can do for yourself.

There is a very famous producer who can’t drive because he has a brain disorder: he “sees” the music and it provoques some visual artefacts while he’s driving so he cannot concentrate properly on the road and the environnement.

It’s called synesthesia … and it doesn’t only link sound and vision. Milder forms of it link memory and vision too. My girlfriend, for instance, links colors to numbers and letters when she remembers them. There’s also a female composer in europe somewhere that gets a different taste every time she hears a sound.

weird. is that even when he’s not listening to music? what’s his name? is there any information online i could read about this?

You don’t listen do you :P

i’ve heard of synesthesia before, i read a news article about it a while back. but i wanted to know the particular story of this composer

I heard it from one of his friends… maybe he doesn t want that everybody knows so i won t say his name.

Different taste for every sounds!!! WOOOOOOW!! I m sure that my music tastes fried cabbage or bloody chicken :D

Aphex Twin supposedly has Synesthesia actually… as do quite a few music producers.

Interesting read on wikipedia. Wish I had it …

On a sidenote, alot of research on this was done by Simon Baron-Cohen, cousin of Sacha Baron-Cohen=Ali G=Borat. It’s a small world.

When I hear sound with my eyes closed i see pretty vivid colors moving around in random patterns. And, whenever I play drums, I tend to see square shapes, like a bar graph, that line up with the patterns I’m playing. I’m not sure if this is synesthesia, but it’s pretty neat.

not really… it’s in their DNA to be brilliant so it’s no wonder they’re both influential :)

btw… whenever i close my eyes, i see nothing :(

I see flickering lights when I close my eyes. Faint/Far away/Blurred, but definately not Blackness. (even when the lights are out)

Links to the source of the first post?
e: posting without thinking

i think the eyes were meant to fool us into thinking upside down.

don’t have one of the full article, it was posted on my hospital’s intranet, but i did find a blurb in the Nytimes although the article is much shorter in length……rch/06perc.html

one form of synesthesia i experience is known as ordinal linguistic personification (OLP). which is feeling an identity is somehow represented by a sequence of symbols. personifying say, the numeric value on a lp filter as “slightly angry and moving forward” or “a nice young girl wearing yellow”

anyone else experience this?

So true!

Yeah, for me it is more associating emotions, movement, direction, and shape with sounds and colors than things like people though.

I used to have this sensation when I was younger occasionally mostly when I was falling asleep that my limbs were changing sizes independently of one and other… my arms would feel huge, and my skull would feel tiny… and it would undulate like it was LFO’d :P … freaky shit I tell you