Trance/goa/demostyle (?) In Progress

yup as stated i’m looking for advice on this song (its a beginning), i think the drum techno style line lack punch, mmmh ???

this is heavy synth distorsion :)

the work in progress is here :

Not bad, nice 303-style lines.
The track lacks structure though and it changes pace/key too often.

Nice distortion work but my initial impression as to why this may lack the punch you are after is that you keep the same synth rhythm speed. The synth rhythm fits well with the initial slow beat and I think this works well for an intro/ breakdown.

In order to get the punch you are after it may be an idea to modify the synth rhythm when you bring in the main faster beat. An immediate way to add drive to a beat is to use sequence:Bass drum,bass, Bass Drum, bass… although this can become very boring if used badly or overused, it can be very effective and made interesting if used well/ inventively (particularly if you were to vary it with the initial rhythm and maybe adding elements of the two together).

Think its definitely a tune worth working at though (whether my suggestions have been useful or not ;) ) and shouldnt remain one of those 1/2 finished rnss :)

hehe i added a loud bass in between and it’s much more punchy now :)

now i need to add some crazy stuff to the drum line i think, coz it’s too basic, i’m only using a bd/sd/hh combo atm :P

hehe i added a loud bass in between and it’s much more punchy now :)

Cool! Glad this was helpful, Look forward to hearing the finished song if you release it here!


hey check it again , much more punchy, i’m getting a clearer idea now as to where to go :)

New bass definitely helps,

keep it up! :guitar: