Trance/goa Preview

what ye think of that lil preview :)


it’s in the trance/goa style, and if you like 303 sounds you’re going to be served

First post so why not start off with a compliment…

I’v always been a fan of 303 sounds and this song makes good use of it!
it has got a nice flow and I really like the “pitchy” sounds.

works great as relaxing background music… :)

but then again… background music often lacks surprises… like this one…

maybe you could spice it up by adding something unexpected?
that is what I think makes music replayable.

but then again, it’s a preview and I don’t know what you’re going to do with the final version so… Keep up the good work! B)

try to push goa crossfader lil bit louder… :D

cool mate! straight tekno flavas rok on!!!

I like it!
The reverb works well with the higher notes although I can’t help thinking the decay time could be shorter.
Also, the beat doesn’t really pass on the energy enough, it’s probably when it comes in - you hardly notice it’s started so you maybe need a buildup (rapid kick drum) and a crash cymbal at that point.