Trance Style Chop Gating?

Hi Renoisers,

How would I do trance style gating, i.e. square wave tremolo in renoise? Is there an easier way than to write in volume automation on and off’s for the track?

I personally like to use LFOs for this.

Velocity Device or Key-Tracking Device --> LFO --> Gainer

The velocity/keytrack device links to the LFO reset function.
The LFO is connected to the gainer volume.
The LFO has a custom envelope shape designed for the pattern of gating you want.

An example: (Renoise 2.1)


Thanks for the reply! That sorts that out beautifully…

If it’s just for one instrument, you could also set up a looping volume envelope in the instrument editor. LFO’s are more versatile, though, since you can turn them on and off mid-song. And of course, you won’t be able to set up an overall volume envelope like in DBlue’s example.