Trance, Trance.. Psychedelic.. Nu Skool Goa, That Type Of Thing

Hi guys… Another psy trance track. 100% Renoise this time around even the, “home brew master,” was done in Renoise… This is totally the largest music production I’ve ever made. Over thirty tracks, omg… Layers, layers, layers…

I wish it more, “epic.” That is for sure. But you know… I can do the learning curve, or I can download the midi files, from vip zone, and frankly I want to know, when my arpeggios, and melodies start to get really epic, and blend with the other ambience of my sound design and what not, that they are my arpeggios… lol. hopefully that makes sense. in short… I’m doing the learning the curve thing. but the next step is to get these leads and arps bigger… :slight_smile:

The good news is: The drums are huge! They sound huge to me. I dunno. Ok, I’m gonna link the track now, peace out