Tranferring Data From File To File

If I’m working on 3 separate Renoise files, and then I want to merge them all into a single file. What’s the safest and smartest way for doing this?

  1. download XRNS Scripts
  2. use xrns_merge script

And how can i work with these scripts?

download XRNS-SF, it is the Script Frontend which will let you easily use those scripts

see here

It-Alien is my tracking hero. :yeah:

…but a problem occurred:

The merging file fails to show the notes (and everything) that belongs to the second file that has been merged. I hear them but I can’t see them.

:huh: sorry for the silly question, but are you sure that the script has not added several tracks on the right?

Wow. I did not notice that. Mission Completed.

Anyway, I’ve got another question that relates to this topic. Let’s say I only want to copy a selection (including notes, instruments and effects) from another song and add to my current one. How can I do this?

if your selection is composed of multiple patterns, I would clear all the other patterns, save the song with a temporary name, and use the merge script to merge the two songs.

if your selection is only composed of a part of a pattern, you can open two instance of Renoise, load each song in one and then copy from one instance of Renoise to the other

Thanks for your speedy answers.