hope you enjoy… :drummer:

lovely trademark Forlon style melodies/beats combo, prolong that shit! :drummer:

‘plus 1’ to that!

always emotional spheres there…

thanks for sharing.

okay wait I got this, first dinner then back to do a longer intro. or something :)

at least some kind of intro working towards the beat, gradually introducing the elements, then an outro also adds a minute or so, but then it is still to short probably, need moaarrr stuff! A same or similar melody with different instrumentation, another vsti sound…a breakdown, some vocal samples lifted off a docu, new beats, automation of fx etc etc…you know the drill. A good balance between repetition and variation.

cool yeah! I actually I made a lot of space in the mix by isolating the bass a bit towards the lower levels… I’ll see what comes up, it doesn’t necessarily have to be very long, but I can hear a nice intro in this. I laid some new stuff down, will see where it ends up.

wow this has a very nice atmosphere going. just when it finished i was expecting a grand entrance to the break an d a great stringy kind of melody coming up… bummer :P

updated version, changed it up a bit.