Transient Detection Offset

Anyone else have problems with automatic sample slice tool detecting marker points bit too late?

I get click/pop in the end of slices with almost every break, so you will have to manually correct marker points, which makes auto detection kind of useless.
Also snapping markers to 0 crossing would be nice.


Sometimes yes I do. It’s especially frustrating to fine tune marker points afterwards 'cus always when I play a slice the sample editor screen jums to that slice. I have memorize the slice number and switch back to firrst slot, zoom in and then adjust it. If I want to hear it to check it, I’m back at slice view, where I can’t affect the markers.

Would be cool if changing the sensitivity percentage of the slicer would auto update the marker placement in the sample editor, then it is not so much a guessing game.

Then turn off Auto-Select Played and this wont happen.

I have requested a Previous/Next Marker keyboard shortcut and hopefully we’ll see one next Renoise version.

I tried to write a Tool that would do it but couldn’t find any way to change which part of the sample was currently in view.

Oh. Never realized that that check-button effects selected sample. Now I’ve pulled my hair out for nothing. Thanks anyhow.

Still supporting the original idea, or better transient detection overall. Sometimes it acts weird, misses huge hits, but still detects miniscuilous ones just next to the gigantous one…

I bet the transient detection is based on some auto-correlation scheme, instantaneous frequency/phase model, bet a clever nerd can script tighter detection fiddling with the equations, but then lua would be too slow probably processing all the samples.