Transient - Pocket Universe

ok, this is my first completed track in renoise.
some ‘booty bass electro vocoder’ weirdness.
i thought i’d start out simple until i really figure out what i’m doing.
there are some problems in the mix that i’ll work out eventually, but i’m sure you’ll all get the point.

transient - pocket universe

btw- i saw some people sad that the vst midi controlled vocoder’s didn’t work with renoise, but check out vocov, it’s a vsti and works pretty slick inside of renoise.

thanks! beautiful universe so far. Big up for the groove-master!

First thing that strikes me is that this could have been a song in a wipeout game! Wow, really like the bass, the hollow sound of it (probably the chorus effect).

Really nice vocoder too, is it from the vocoder you linked to in your post?

Groovy stuff, I really enjoyed this track, liked it alot!


thanks for the comments everyone :)

yeah, the vocoder is with that vsti (ps- it’s freeware) :)

whoa … kaneel, we posted at the same time! your message wasn’t there when i started :P haha … renoise is fantasticallll! it is the only music software that got me off my impulse tracker addiction :D hehe

let’s do it!