'Transparent' Copy/Paste & Editing Delay Effect in Send Ch

It’s very handy to be able to quickly copy and paste between patterns. But is there a way of copying the currently selected notes without overwriting notes which are already in the pattern being copied to? This would be handy if you are trying to gradually increase additional random notes as the song progresses through the pattern. Or perhaps for overlaying note offs to stop notes playing at different times.

Also I’m trying to learn how to use send tracks properly, especially for reverbs an delays. I’ve managed this quite satisfactorily for reverb, but with the built in Delay Vste, I can’t seem to keep the original signal and then apply further VST effects to the delay signal only. Any way of doing this?


Check “mix-paste” checkbox in the advanced edit under the copy paste buttons. For the delay, you need to place it on a send channel, then check “Mute dry signal” and place the fx before or after the delay onto the send channel.

That’s brilliant. Has to be said there really are so many well thought out shortcuts and features in Renoise.

I’ll retry the delay thing again. Is the “Mute Dry Signal” a control in the send channel itself then? I think that’s where I was going wrong looking for the “Mute Dry Signal” in the VSTe itself.


No, the mute-dry-switch is inside multitap and normal delay device.