Transport Panel (midi Learn/assign)

I bought this beauty -…g/axiom25_f.jpg

So…as you all see there is a transport panel on midi keyboard (i.e. play,stop,rewind, loop, record buttons). So itll be very good to add midi learn/assign function for this (and others) buttons in Renoise, because more and more nowadays midi keyboards and control surfaces have transport panels like M-audios AXIOM25.

p.s. sorry for my terrible english =)

p.s.s. but may be there is another way to do this?

Persuade the devs to incorporate Logic Control ;)

what u mean?

I think he means something like controlling functions with your thoughts. :)

so, no real deal answers here, only fluffy shites about Logic and thoughts controllin teh knobs =)

Damn, guys! Answer something rEaL!

I have the Benq x500 keyboard, which has some multimedia keys for play /stop and so on, you can assign these for the transport panel in the options of Renoise. So, if you find something like a midi to keyboard command tool, it is possible, otherwise no. I’m tempted, to buy the CME UF5, which also has these transport controls, so native support for that would be nice.

Yeah, thanks.
I know this trick =)
But i dont need it really, i want this stuff via midi keyboard.
So…i guess all i can its sit and wait when RNS devteam `ll include (PLEASE GUYS!) this thing in RNS.
Anyway, thank u!

I thought of using Bome’s midi translator which seems to be a nice app that takes care of midi to keyboard translation. But after reading up a bit on his forum, it seems it is not compatible with Renoise (I guess Renoise doesn’t use the standard way of handling keyboard input). Oh, wait. Just found an old thread about this……33bb79854923265

Anway, I still think my ooold suggestion here is the way to go:…33bb79854923265

Now that would be cool

No, I was refering to using Mackie Control (or Logic Control) protocols. Almost all major hosts now seem to utalise Mackie Control for transport and a few other functions, such as track muting.

it works nicely B) , an one of the knobs can control bpm! its pretty big tho.

Damn! Awesome keyboard!
But they dont sell them in Russia! 8( SHITE!

Now, that’s good news. They are really cheap, for what they offer. I want to replace my Evolution X-Session and my M-Audio Keystation 49e with the CME, so size is not a problem. :)