Transport Panel Midi Learn

I have an m-audio axiom25 midi keyboard and there is a transport panel on it (means there are buttons like PLAY,STOP,RECORD,LOOP, etc.).
It`ll be a great feature for Renoise to have ability to make midi learn for Transport Panel buttons.

What do u think bout this?

Agree! That would be great. More MIDI learn in general would be great IMO. anyone knows about any changes in this area in NE?

So dear DEVTEAM, answer pls something bout diz feature…imho its a must. Bu i can be wrong…

Would be nice as many midi keyboards have a bunch of transport buttons.

In the meantime you could try Midi Translator. I haven’t tried it yet myself, but it seems interesting as Renoise lacks midi support for some functions that do have keyboard shortcuts. I think it can even manage translating a single midi button into a whole sequence of keyboard presses. Might be some latency I guess, but it seems worth checking out:

There’s some similar program for mac, but I don’t remember what it’s called.

aren’t these transport (stop, play, rewind etc) functions controlled with ‘mmc’ ?? Think I remember something about that when controlling shit in cubase with my midi controller.

There is a mmc option checked in the configs midi setion of renoise (underneath midi clock master section), but what does it do?

on my Evolution X-session uc-17 it sure is mmc.
did you figure out how to set up those controls in Cubase?
i wanna know how you did that then. :)