I like quite a lot of the new features, but why is that, that you still cant automate finetune and transpose? It would be helpful a lot. Yes, I know since 1988 that there's d an u. But that's not the same thing. ![;)]( Okay you can have a mda shifter in the track, or just record what youre doing but…but…but…

This would be a great feature for those of us who play midi instruments through renoise live.

you mean automate the pitch of a sample instrument ?
If so , that’s possible …just select an operator set it to + or * , in the pitch mod .tab …assign it to a macro ctrl .

Ok, Ill check this. Didnt play to often with the macros yet. That means it should be possible with finetune, too. Great to hear that.

the macros and pitch are an awesome new feature. With this feature i can now program those slick snare pitch up/downs very easily. I still would find automating transpose tab VERY useful. Ex. I build a percussion kit/instrument that fills the whole key range. (i do not record/program note data, my “play/live files” have only effects and automations programmed in the file so i can play drums live through renoise with tons of programmed tweaking effecting what i play) my roland kit always sends the same midi/note data…c-3=kik d-3=snare and so on. if i could automate the transpose tab it would make it so easy to switch up the kit. transpose up 2 steps and now my kik is triggering D-3 snare…you get the idea. the Global Octave can be assigned to a midi knob which is usefull, but this changes the full octave and affects all my kits. (i always have two-five+ kits layered at any one time). A very niche feature because i am sure very few people use renoise to play through.

No not really with the finetune, that is a sample specific property, but you could limit the pitch range below 12 cents so that you can alternate control pitch between only two or one semitone with a higher interpolation value.

“sample specific property” damnit, i neglected to think of that in regard to wanting transpose automatable. automating transpose for what i am after would only work for vsti’s ex. superior drummer vsti…z=c/kik, transpose the vsti up 2 steps and z=d/snare. fortunately it’s renoise and there is always a way to make things do what needs to be done.