What about Transposing the whole SONG, and Transposing Current Instrument / All Instruments ? You know the great things in old FT2 :)

i have handle this tranposing some times just simply picthing (up) final rendered wav…allso u got more speed -> DRIVE :yeah: :drummer: :guitar: . . . . . . . . . . <_<

transposing current instrument (song-wide) is already implement.

take a look on instrument transforming here

I dont want to speed up the song, and I dont want to render the whole thing just to transpose. FT2 handled this much better, but then that’s the only detail that actually was better. I want to test to hear the song , for instance, one note down or one note up. Now I have to transpose pattern, after pattern, after pattern… :(

Correct. But not all the instruments at the same time… And not the whole song at the same time. And sometimes it would be useful to transpose current instrument in selected block, or ALL instruments in selected block, etc, etc, etc…

<_< :)