Trax In Space 2.0

A lot of musicians, mainly trackers, stuck around on the first version of the site (1993-2001). I think it’s great news that it’s coming back! The site isn’t completely launched yet but it’s on it’s way. In the meantime you can read some words by Saurin (a.k.a. Mysterium), comment the news and/or become a BETA tester.

More info for the curious ones…

Interview with Mysterium by Novus, February 2003 -
… Mostly about what happen to the first TiS.

Interview with Mysterium by Christofori, December 2003 -
… More details about this Rebirth, although I guess some plans have changed since then. Also check out for Novus’ cool tips to Mysterium in the same Issue.

After this, 2004-2006, there was a quite silent period unless I’ve missed something (not counting the small updates with comments on the homepage.)
Anyone who knows any more interviews or info? Or we could just wait a little more … :)

Well, not exactly the same I guess. Hopefully it will consider the positive things of the previous version and other similiar sites, and bring forward something original that will stun us all! Check out my edit of the original post …

That page has been there for quite a while now (2 years at least) and still there doesn’t seem to be any visible progress. That’s more than enough for me to lose interest in this project.

Or a god damn Myspace, or a god damn other kind of musicsite ?

I’m sure Saurin have some fresh ideas, and not just kindly placing itself next to all the other sites… Well I guess only time will tell.

Hi DDspeed, long time no see! :)

You seem to be very negative, did you even bother to check the link?

Both my own memory but also with the Internet Archive tool I can prove that the site has been updated a few times through the last years, even though there’s not much going on on the surface

29 Sep 03
21 nov 03
06 Mars 05
22 July 05

[And also a few more updates after that moment but the Internet Archive can’t reach such new material]

But the newest updates should turn even the most sceptics to believers :D

Another important thing to mention in this discussion: For me it’s the opposite; it’s something positive that the project doesn’t hurry! Better that it’s late and has quality than it launches sooner and being worthless. I guess this Saurin do this on his freetime, so it’s understandable that it takes some time…

And I don’t really get your point about no visible progress. Which site before has demonstrated a progress before it launches? Also, how and why should one reveal a progress?

Well, I’m not really negative about the project. I don’t doubt someone’s working on it, as I could clearly see the page changed since the last time I visited it. However, the content of it did not. No news or anything like that make me think the project is not progressing, so there’s not much to follow.

But anyway, as some could see from my inactivity on CTG or any other music community site, I’m not really too interested in such stuff. I guess I got bored with it and it’s no fun for me anymore. At least for now.

Well the site isn’t launched yet, so why should there be any content at all?

If you’re not interested anymore though, that’s completely another thing.

Like I said, I don’t think it will be exactly the same so it’s not only about recreating. But maybe reusing some of the good ideas, combined with new fresh ones. I think if you read the interviews you’ll understand better what it’s all about.

It doesn’t ring a bell, but does anyone remember “Pigs in Space” from the Muppets?