Tried Everything I Can, Still Can'T Get Vst To Initialise Again

Hey, I’ve used the search to have a look around but couldn’t see any threads of this kind and specific problem so here goes.

Recently I opened up a track I was working on in renoise and noticed my Eq plugin that I basically use on every track of every track I’ve made for about the last year has stopped working. I deleted the VST caches and rescanned them all to discover it wasn’t working. Shock begins to set in, I replace the plugin with a new downloaded version of it to make sure it’s not a corrupted file and delete/rescan again to discover I still can’t fucking get the EQ to initialise. I’m working on a song right now which makes all other songs I’ve made up to this point sound rubbish, this has about 30 of these plugs in it and I’m Very attached to the mix as it was.

Is there a way to manually direct renoise to where the plugin is, or could there be another reason it won’t initialise? (even when the .dll has been replaced and rescanned in).

This is…disheartening to say the least.

Can you please provide a bit more information, such as…

  • Which VST plug-in is it, and which exact version of the plug-in are you using?
  • Which version of Renoise are you using?
  • Which version of Windows are you using?

Sure thing! Renoise 2.5.1
Vst is Nyquist 5 (the most recent version as of 2005, hasn’t been updated in a while)
and windows 7. I’m not entirely sure why even though the plugin has been replaced and the entire VST recached it still won’t appear and be able to be initialised.

Thanks in advance for any answers :).