Trigger Instrument - Light Up Residing Place In Matrix Block(S)

See thread title, probably been suggested in some form :)

sometimes I forget in which tracks, patterns I have placed certain instruments, especially when revisiting older projects. If instrument triggers could be visualized (maybe through lighting the row(s) in the matrix, flashing the block(s) when an instrument is played?))), that small irritation would be of the past.

Maybe there are other uses, benefits for this as well beside additional disco show?

I often use tons of sampled instruments, looking up track names doesn’t cover quickly finding the sounds in multiple patterns, auto-capture from pattern also doesn’t cut it. I think this could be handy…whose with me :yeah:

I think I get the idea, but I’m not sure how suitable it would be … after all, the matrix block might not even be visible (in detached playback mode, it’s possible to scroll to whatever position)
We already have the (admittedly) tiny VU meters in the matrix header section, certainly more practical to look at those than something which could be out of sight?

PS: And if you’re like me then you often end up with such low volume in a track that there is no discernible activity.
In such a case, it might be worth having the option to show an “activity LED” instead of a VU meter :slight_smile:

PS: And while we’re at it, make this activity LED notify the Renoise API … so we can see which track is playing for a mixer, etc.

Some good ideas there, hadn’t thought of tracks not being visible in the matrix, in my set-up this rarely happens. It indeed isn’t about vu meters detecting db, but about activity. A case where you want to see where sounds are at in the overall composition. Maybe if detachable tabs ever becomes reality, you could have a fully expanded matrix in one screen and this would be more viable. Also it should be optional in the case it causes cpu overhead.

Didn’t impulse tracker have some kind of instrument administration tab? For those that have used it, how did it work?