Trigger Patterns In Rewire(Ableton)


I´ve been playing around with the Renoise demo and think its an awesome piece of software. My beginner question is regarding rewire mode. Is there a way to set up Renoise so that I can trigger the different patterns from Ableton when running Renoise as slave?

You can detach the sequence positioning in the Renoise Rewire preferences (audio preferences turns to ReWire preferences if Renoise is running as a slave) and set the transport sync to BPM & Bars, but i don’t know if and how you can program sequence starting positions in Ableton. Triggering random patterns is not something Rewire supports in general, but e.g. in Renoise you can queue in the sequencer which position to play next if this has to be a position that is not following the current position. If Ableton has something similar and you can somehow control that with a midi sequencer or otherwise, i think that will be as close as you can get it.

Okay, sounds like this is gonna get complicated;) But I´ll read up on your suggestions, thanks.