Trigger sample automation

Hi all,

Not sure if this is possible…

Can you hook an LFO device or some type of automation to the trigger sample effect ( 0SXX ) ?

Or maybe there is a work around that could help?

Thank you!

No, unless you do it in pseudo-realtime with tools to edit the slice marker position, and that has it’s own issues.

Do you want to make a free running oscillator by any chance?

As gova said: this would only be possible with tools ATM.

unless you do it in pseudo-realtime with tools

Yes, any tool would be required to write down it’s notes and commands ahead of playback. This is not really hard for a tool to pull off - the update frequency in the UI thread is more than adequate. And of course, the result would play back with crystalline precision, just like any other pattern data.

I have done this numerous times, which is why I’m thinking about consolidating these principles into an abstract class, as it’s a chore to set up each time you come up with a newidea for a tool.

Thanks for the responses and info.

I think I’ll just slice the sample 100% and use the phrase editor or an arpeggiator for now