Trigger Sample Offset.

PLEASE make a better sample offset!!!
I was hoping to move all my music programs to mac, but without a sample offset that can handle bigger files and be darn accurate, I’ll probably be sticking to other trackers for now. I was trying to make a song with a client, and it was kind of embarrasing not being able to do this well.

I could use smaller samples, but i like using bigger breaks.

just out of curiosity, which tracker wil you use to have better sample offset accuracy?

Your suggestion has been already proposed times ago, and some interesting solutions have been found, however, I can’t say if and when this will be improved.

By the way, you should really try to explore more of trackers’ possibility: saample offset is not everything :)

Madtracker is the king of pattern fx’s.
It has two extra digits to define a fx, and 4 digits for fx parameters.
This make room for very accurate fx’s. And a lot more fx’s too.
It is also backwardcompatible and has all the old FT2 fx and IT fx.
This is reall something I miss in renoise.
You would not need this in every track. So then you just hide the extra digits. So it would not clutter the interface either.

btw…fx’s like fine slides (even extra fine slides) are essential if you ask me.
In the current renoise design it is not much room for any new fx’s at all. And two parameter digits is just not enough for some fx’s.

Lets hope for a redesign some time in the future :)


I started with Fasttracker a long time ago. And yes, sample offset is not everything, but I started doing electronic music from a DJ’s/Turntablist’s perspective, and it’s how compose music. Sample offset, reverse, and pitch shift effects are crucial to the basis of my writing. It’s how I cut breaks up and simuate record scratches, as well as beat stutters and the like.

I agree that Madtracker is THE king of pattern effects. I love Love LOVE Madtracker to the fullest- I’ve been a registered Madtracker user for a LONG time. But my PC blew up and I had to reinstall, AND I want to use the f**** out of my Pro Tools MIX system (since it was so f****ing expensive) and other music apps ONLY on my Mac, which is why just bought Renoise.

This client I have comes to me once a year to make a hip hop song for an afterschool program he works with. It’s a hiphop club where kids can learn how to be rappers. He was very dissapointed with the initial meeting where we tried to sketch out scratch tracks for a song and asked if I could go back to the other program (Madtracker) I used to make beats. Because of the inaccurate sample offset, I was truly embarrased. Either Renoise has to have a better sample offset, or there needs to be a Mac version of Madtracker.


yeah … 0009 xxxx

more accuracy would be amazing … and room for expansion of effects would be terribly helpful. :)

yeah, I second this one