Triggering Long Samples At Point Of Cursor

Just found Renoise and I love it so far!

There’s one question I can’t find the answer to though. I’m working on a track that has a very long atmospheric sample underneath. I trigger this sample at the beginning of the first pattern and then let it play through subsequent patterns.

Now, if I start playing from pattern 2, obviously I don’t get the background atmosphere any longer. In a traditional DAW, you’d get the audio triggered at the point that corresponds to the beginning of pattern 2. Is there any workaround to achieve this behaviour in Renoise?


Have a look at this discussion:…st&p=119367

More specifically, Beatslaughter’s proposed workaround.

But the thread is good reading, too.

Ah thank you. Should have searched the forum a bit better.

Didn’t think about the syncing option! Easiest for now would probably be to have Renoise trigger the long sound in Ableton.