Triggering Patterns

Hi there. It is possible to trigger Renoise patterns, muting/unmuting tracks with computer keyboard or midi?
Thanks for answers.

Yes sir! For midi assigning patterns just hit “command m” and then assign the pattern by clicking the mouse on highlighted bit beside the pattern in the song sequence. Now push the button on your controller. Presto- its assigned. The same thing can be done with the mutes on the mixer.
Here’s an example of what its like using patterns:

For general keyboard assignments go into preferences and then check out the F2 keys section to find the command you’d like to assign to whichever key on the keyboard.
You can also assign keys on the keyboard to do the same thing with a ‘midi translator’ to interface between the keyboard action and the specific command.
Midi yoke is good for PC, and Bomes MIDI translator is great if you’re on a mac.
I hope this helps.

man that video was awesome,its something like this i would love to do with the launchpad and renoise

Hey… I bet the launchpad would work great!
all we need now is someone to do a simple max patch that allows assigning patterns in the sequence to the LED lights of ‘monome’ buttons

here’s some extra info on how you can midi map your launchpad buttons:

i just tried this with the launchpad but when im done assigning the buttons,and press play nothing happens when i press the buttons on the launchpad???

EDIT:in my eager to get this set up right,i had forgotten to set the midi device in renoise :lol:

now it works just like it should,this is sooo awesome,a BIG thanks to jules

Ha. Yeah! Right on. Can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

yeah its awesome

now i just need to find out how i assign the bottom row on the launchpad to play vocal samples "all the way through"when i hold the button down

if someone knows how i do that please enlighten me:)

@Jules thanks for the tip ! This is neat.

What you want is to go to the lower panel -> instrument settings -> sample properties, and set NNA (New Note Action) to “Continue”. This will make the sample play all through.
Alternatively, go to the instrument editor, enable the volume envelope, and play around with the “fadeout” amount, and the envelope itself.

thanks danoise will test it today

this works really great thanks,this is just awesome

trigger patterns via pc keyboard