Triggering Samples

hello this is my first post here so hello. i have tried looking in this forum before i posted this question but did not find it. i probably did not phrase the search right or something. i wanted to know how to use a chopped phrase not drum loop in a creative way like how i would do in reason along side recycle. i mean how do you trigger (if that is the right term) a sample in different locations of the file in the pattern editor. i am very very new to the tracker experience and loving it. i have been hip hop based for awhile but renoise is making me think of things in newer ways which for me is good! any replies would be of a great help. thanxs in advance.

you can use sample offset command 09xx where 0900 is begining of sample, and 09FF the end of it - you can see where the offset is when you look into sample editor and check it on the meter

take a look at these tutorial songs:
Tutorial - Sample offset.xrns
Tutorial - Beat slicing.xrns

for some examples.

those songs are saved into the Songs subfolder of your Renoise installation

thanks guys appreciate it.