Trim "whitespace" In Sample Editor

I’ve been finding myself doing a lot of drum-kit making in Renoise lately… particularly sampling dum kit VST instruments and chopping them up. This is a much easier process now that the sample editor switches to whatever sample is currently being played… thanks guys!

It could be even easier though. The one thing I spend the most time doing is trimming out all the 0db waveform right up against the drum so the timing is perfect, and I’m not wasting memory on empty space.

What would kick ass is if there was a button + keyboard assignment that trimmed the whitespace from around the sample automatically. I’m presuming it would be amazingly simple to code… could this perhaps be something shoved in quickly before 2.0 gold?


Possibly a key to trim the whitespace at the beginning and another to trim the blank at the end.


Yep i use this all the time in other apps
Would be very useful in RN too


Surely nice to have!

sounds legit…

Could be useful, but I think it should have some sort of “tolerance” slider aswell, as some samples have inaudible noise instead of pure silence.

It’s called “Threshold” :P

This could be handy, but since I already do this manually at lightning speed, I don’t need it. ^_________^

Good idea, has my support. Manual trimming could still be useful in some situations, but this would cut much of the work out.

It would personally shave hours off my workflow at times … there are times I avoid working on a song all together because I’ve gotta make sample kits from the VST drumkits to preserve CPU and I really don’t feel like it.

hehe… I’m guessing the powers that be don’t particularly think this is anywhere close to priority, even considering the seeming simplicity of the implementation.

… if that’s the case, can someone plz move this thread to the regular ideas section? :P

it takes hours to repeat selecting part of samples then press ctrl+t?
takes a few of minutes at the most.

I’m a perfectionist. I like having my drum hits perfectly timed. And depending on the size of the kit, it can take a long time. I zoom in to each side of the hit, and trim exactly. I did a 28 hit kit the other day… it took me about an hour because I couldn’t just sit there like a machine. I had to alt-tab to #renoise and read some random chatter from time to time to keep from going mad.

Either way, it’s just needless time consuming work. There’s no need for a feature like this to not be implemented.

… and you’re a shit disturber :P

whoa, 28. you should be teaching me to play drums!

It looks like the EV is off the scale with this one (even though I wouldn’t use it much myself). Get it in for GOLD along with the threshold thing. :D