Triple Album: Poverty (updated)

This is kind of a ‘greatest hits of mrblitz’ from the past 4 years or so, all remixed in a similar fashion. …pretty much 100% built in Renoise. There’s 1 track for each of the 34 years since i first played a barre chord on a guitar at the age of 16…

entire album, updated and in one location

track listing (with drummers):

disc 1:

Princess Singer (tray diablo)
Don’t Miss Me, Baby (renoise add-on pack drum loops)
Go Off and Love Me (unreal & thestarrytides)
My Guitar Wanks Bittersweet (formware, feeder74, loozabeats, bonteburg, markdolin, nsound, teque)
Currency War (cc asia band - bobo)
Miracle (bill ray)
Fish Hat (bill ray)
Limited Hangout
Ouroboros (bill ray)
Rhymes With Holy (bill ray)

disc 2:

How do You Like It (alex beroza)
Battle in Seattle (bill ray)
Handmaidens of Tyr (fireproof babies)
Turning (stellarartwars)
Go Carts (plugexpert scottieieieie)
The 10th of Never (josh woodward)
Unemployed Blues (bill ray)
Magic (bill ray)
Insanity (bill ray)
Never Leave (unreal)
Oxen Free (bill ray)

disc 3:

Venus Infers (bill ray)
Swiss Miss (tray diablo)
Knowing and Caring (hammersmith)
Witch (unreal & copperhead)
Kickin’ It Old School (unreal)
Ersatz Love Affair (wired ant)
Tough Row to Hoe (tray diablo)
Taiwan Lady (alex beroza)
Angel of the Mercy Killing (renoise add-on pack drum loops)
Michelle Dream
House of the Rising Sun (fireproof babies)

oh, here are some ‘front covers’:

This is some psychedelic stuff. I listed to half of the first and second album.
What is your best song in your opinion from these three albums?

Hi Alien7,

when thinking ‘best’, the first song that pops into mind is Ouroboros.

probably one of the most ‘poppy/accessible’ songs here is Princess Singer; and that’s why it’s the 1st song on the ‘1st disc’.

a few personal favorites that listeners might not dig much: Fallon, Handmaidens of Tyr, and House of the Rising Sun.

kind of dancy/funky tracks: Never Leave and Kickin’ It Old School (if memory serves, they share the same drum track)

another one that’s kind of ‘dancy’: Limited Hangout

‘weirdest songs’ here are probably Fish Hat, Go Carts, and Venus Infers

idk, i like them all. ymmv

but yeah, when i read your message asking ‘which one is best’, the first thing that popped to mind was Ouroboros.

it’s not the best guitar performance (there are probably easily 7 or 8 or more versions of this one out there), but the song as a whole has more ‘dynamics’ than most of the other pieces here, and goes through several progressions. i actually think the vocals on this version are quite good; at least for what i’m tryin’ to do. ymmv

entire album, updated and in one location

entire album, updated and in one location