Triple Keybinds For Insert Row Delete Row

hi, some of us are slightly demented when it comes to using either 1) a usb keyboard (with insert, delete) 2) only macbookpro keyboard (without insert+delete) and have made the chaotic decision to have shift-(left of 1) and (left of 1) be insert new row and delete current row. oh. well, now that i look at everything, it seems a “2nd delete current row” would do instead of triple or quadruple keybinds :)

sorry i went and wrote “triple/quadruple” keys, its just that i discovered, when zooming around renoise settings, that there are:
1: insert new row
2: 2nd insert new row
3: delete current row
but no 2nd delete current row.

thats why i hope “2nd delete current row” could be implemented, and in my chaotic way, decided to write about it in this thread.

Taktik has promised something similar to this soon, but not 2.5 so stop asking in here.

Keep fingers crossed it will be 2.6 and then you can add a secondary binding to whatever you so desire.