triplets and gate

Hi guys

Is there a way to gate a sample without slicing or 0SXXing it in triplets (with delay values) without the changing the lines/beat like that attached image that obviously does not work

7015 triplets-renoise.jpg ?

Salut Mat,

You can maybe put your triplets in a phrase with the proper LPB, then trigger it from the Pattern Editor ( Sxx - Trigger phrase from line xx.)

or use a Delay

i suggest using the dsp stuff for this. if u think of them as a roll yer own pattern command kit u can use it for lots of things you want to do but there are no exact built in commands for. you can still control them in the pattern. just use that if u can, though?

thanks for answer guys, yes the automation of volume can do the job but it s not as precise and fast as codes would be, i am just wondering why the delay command (even in delay column) does not delays the pattern commands dedicated to the notes as well… not only for the gate but for the 0UXX 0DXX etc etc it would be way more logical.