How would I create triplets in renoise?

If I recall a quick link that might help? :slight_smile:

There is many ways of doing it: phrases, delay effect, note delay column to position notes between pattern lines …

It depends of your workflow and do you want to use non triplets also in your song.

Search forum also, because this has been wondered many times:

…for example…

If you are base on 4 LPB and 12 TPL (default) :

LINE1 C-4 01 …

LINE2 C-4 01 Q4

LINE3 C-4 01 Q8

LINE4 … … …

Here is the simplest method. Q4 and Q8 can be put either in Volume or Pan column. With delay, yes, it must be 55 and AA since it’s base on a 00 to FF value. And in FX column, it must be 0Q04 and 0Q08…

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This is how I do it.

Pattern Length of 96 Lines

LPB of 24

Line values are as follows

96 = whole note

48 = half note

24 = quarter note

12 = eighth note

8 = triplet

6 = sixteenth note

It’s just simple divisions of 24

After that I’ll use the delay column maybe to offset the notes slightly for swing.

It’s probably not the fanciest way of doing it but it works fine, and most importantly it’s fast meaning it doesn’t slow down your workflow. Try it out and see. Takes a while to get used to the speed of 24 lpb, but when you do it becomes second nature.

Joule made that tool… Notes evenly or similar.

You can also use the 12 lines per beat method.

If there are only triplets in your track, just use 3 LPB :lol: